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Meet Our Staff


Beth Payseur has worked at Premiere Marketing for 2 years as an Account Executive working with The Factory, Boiler Room, SportsZone, Dalton’s, and Tech Place.  Some of her favorite projects include events surrounding “National Days”.  Did you know there are days such as “Dance Like a Chicken” or “Chocolate Ice Cream Day?” 

She says her all-time favorite is “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”, combines two of her favorite things, pirates and jokes.  (What is a Pirates favorite subject?  ARRRRRT)  As a former teacher’s assistant, Beth found that all she really needed to know she learned in Kindergarten.  Share everything – social media has made such an impact, making sure to share all the upcoming events is always a priority!  Play fair, don’t hit people, and clean up your own mess – all seem pretty simple, but when working with clients being ethical, reliable, and friendly are always important. 

Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you – that one speaks for itself, snacks are always great!  Learn some, think some, sing and dance, play and work some – Beth loves to spread a little joy each day with a 80’s song, 3:33 dance party, or dressing up her dog Sully!